We take our responsibility to handle, transport and deliver quality fuels seriously. Our operations should be safe for employees, (sub)contractors, neighbouring communities and the environment.

We adhere strictly to environmental, health and safety regulations and maintain the highest operational standards, routinely inspecting and maintaining the pipeline infrastructure to minimise risk.

Following best practice at all times not only guarantees the safety and quality of the products we transport but enables us to offer optimal delivery terms for our customers.

Certified to meet EU standards

The pipeline system is equipped with an electrochemical protection system, pressure control system, automated spill detection system and a telemechanic remote-control system. All valves (shutters) are electrified and have smart electric drives.

The oil pipelines cross into the territory of Latvia at Skrudaliena and exit at the Freeport of Ventspils. Both sites are equipped with Emerson diesel fuel commercial metering equipment, certified per EU standards and undergo regular metrological checks.

Whilst the infrastructure remains unused and mindful of minimising any risk to the environment, the pipelines have been emptied, cleaned and preserved with inert gas.