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Latvian Transit is a crude oil and petroleum products transport company and is the sole supplier of diesel via Latvia’s main pipeline. Latvian Transit, formerly known as LatRosTrans, was recently fully acquired by Vitol.

Our expertise and logistical capabilities, together with continued investment in our infrastructure network, enables us to offer secure and reliable transit services to our customers.

With a combined capacity of almost 245,00 m3 our integrated infrastructure includes pipelines in excess of 780km in the direction of both Lithuania and Ventspils.

Our network

The pipeline network consists of three main pipelines.

The Polotsk–Ventspils MOPP (Main Oil Products Pipeline). Running from the Belarusian border to the port of Ventspils, the MOPP is 530mm in diameter, extending 330km across Latvia and a further 86km into Lithuania, where it is owned by AB ORLEN LIETUVA.

The pipeline is capable of transporting up to 8 million metric tons of diesel annually and has pumping stations at both Ilukste and Dzhukste. At Ilukste our storage terminal offers capacity for 160,000 m3 of oil products and is equipped with automated fire-fighting systems.

We also own and operate the two preserved main oil pipelines (MOP) : the Polotsk-Mažeikiai MOP, running from the Belarusian border to the Mažeikiai Refinery in Lithuania and the Polotsk-Ventspils MOP between the Belarusian border and the Port of Ventspils.


About our infrastructure

Currently, the oil pipelines are idle, but are preserved and ready for use. Prior to this, the pipelines were, emptied, cleaned and treated with chemicals through a pigging process, after which they were filled with inert gas, enabling secure future transportation for a range of products including oil products, natural gas and hydrogen.


Combined designed capacity: 40 million tonnes comprising 8 million tonnes (MOPP) and 16 million tonnes (for each MOP) annually.

Diameter: 530mm (MOPP) & 720mm (MOP).


Polotsk-Mažeikiai MOP: operational until mid-2006. Length; 107km through Latvia. 224km through Lithuania.

Polotsk-Ventspils MOP: operational until late-2002. Length; 319km through Latvia. 85km through Lithuania.

Polotsk-Ventspils MOPP: operational until late-2022. Length; 330km through Latvia. 86km through Lithuania.

Our commitment to HSE

We take our responsibilities to handle, transport and deliver quality fuels seriously. Our operations should be safe for employees, (sub)contractors, neighbouring communities and the environment.

We adhere strictly to environmental, health and safety regulations and maintain the highest operational standards, routinely inspecting and maintaining the pipeline infrastructure to minimise risk.

Following best practice at all times not only guarantees the safety and quality of the products we transport but enables us to offer optimal delivery terms for our customers.



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